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Welcome to my website!

As we say in the Unitarian Universalist Tradition; Whoever you are, Whomever you love, Wherever you are on our Spiritual Journey, You are welcome here! 


Rooted in the All-Encompassing, All-Compassionate, Overflowing, Ever-Expanding and Universal Love of the Divine, I pray that this place may be an expression of our highest values of Justice, Equity, Interdependence, Transformation, Pluralism and Generosity. 


The Rev. Samuel Felderman 

 Is an ordained Interfaith Minister, having graduated from All Paths Divinity School. He currently serves multiple congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Tradition in northeast Iowa and the surrounding area. Samuel holds a BA in Theology and a MA in Christian Studies and is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry. Samuel is registered member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity and Spiritual Directors International.

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